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Asthma drugs or shortness of breath of the best natural

People with asthma are very sensitive in the member's response to excessive if it gets stimuli or disorders, respiratory tract will react in a way so as to impede narrows the incoming air. Narrowing or obstruction can cause symptoms of coughing, tightness, shortness of breath, gasping for breath, wheezing, which reads "ngik-ngik". There are also people who call it asthma.

Early warning that experienced by patients with asthma before the advent of asthma usually are highly unique to each individual / person, early warning may be seen by the person concerned and other warning signs may be visible from others.
Signs of asthma symptoms of an asthma attack:
  • - Changes in breathing
  • - Sneezing
  • - Changes in mood
  • - Clogged nose, runny or cough
  • - Often feel tired when doing strenuous activity
  • - Trouble sleeping or insomnia
  • - Decreased body's tolerance to exercise
Symptoms of asthma:
  • - Shortness of breath wheezing or severe that reads "ngik-ngik"
  • - Frequent cough cough
  • - Shortness of breath breath breath
  • - Tightness in chest
The above things may indicate that occur in the channel pernapasann and obstructed air flow and may experience some or all of the above symptoms in an attack. Asthma is a chronic type of disease that until now no one has mengetahuit what the medicine and not been able to cure it completely, but asthma can be controlled easily so as not to interfere with daily activities.
Triggers asthma triggers that may be different with other asthma sufferers:
  • - Sucking or inhaling smoke or wood that is burned
  • - Physical fatigue or exercise
  • - Menstruation in women
  • - Respiratory tract infections such as coughs, colds, sinusitis and bronchitis
  • - Exposure to cold and hot air
  • - Inhaling polluted air
  • - Inhalation respiratory tract irritant soaps or cleaning agents disenfektan and others
  • - GERD skilled movements that gastric acid from the stomach back into the throat

Asthma can not be cured Because no one has to know what the cure but can be controlled, asthma control can be done better if asthma quickly identified and treatment begins immediately with a doctor's prescription. Without the treatment of asthma attacks can become more frequent and acute asthma attacks can cause death.

But herbalists have found some traditional asthma medications as follows.


Liquid honey can dilute and expel mucus from the respiratory tract. Accumulated mucus in the respiratory tract to inhibit the entry of air that can aggravate asthma attacks.
Take a teaspoon of honey with a little water to thin, do treatment until slightly improved asthma.


Ginger rhizome provide health because of its efficacy in preventing inflammation, as occurs in patients with asthma.
Prepare a ginger knuckles, then mashed or crushed. Enter in a glass of warm water, let the water-soluble content of ginger. Finally, strain and drink the water until they run out.

How to prevent asthma may be assisted by:
  • - Recognize and avoid asthma triggers as soon as possible
  • - If you smoke a quick stop and do not drink alcohol because alcohol can make stomach acid to rise and it will cause asthma
  • - Do not take cough medicines for asthma, drugs do not help asthma and stones can cause undesirable
  • - Reduction or removal of certain compounds that chested in the workplace in order to obtain effective results.

Prevention of asthma by doing several ways asthma therapy
that is:

1. Medical treatment

On a mild asthma attack may be given an asthma reliever medication (reliver) in the form of beta-agonists are inhaled / oral or adrenaline 1/1000, subcutan 0,01ml / kg. weight / times with a maximum dose of 0.3 ml / times.

2. Supportive therapy

Therapy with complete equipment and support the dna complete the patient is very necessary in certain circumstances. And in case of complications such as dehydration, give the patient the water first. reding ! obat sesak nafas anak


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